AR shopping era begins with Instagram


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AR shopping era begins with Instagram

Instagram continues to be on the agenda these days with its endless innovations. Following its introduction of Threads yesterday, it also launched tests with Spark AR today that it will use Instagram AR technology for shopping.

Instagram's new app Threads announced
Realising that the rate of use for young people was falling, Facebook introduced its Instagram Side App. Users will be able to communicate more easily thanks to the Instagram Threads app...

With Spark AR, Instagram will give you the AR shopping experience!
Spark AR Studio, created primarily for Facebook, also had its last closed beta days for Instagram in early summer. Spark AR, which also recently opened for developers, will integrate a major development for its Instagram Shopping feature into the app. Instagram will be a major innovation in shopping with AR technology these days as it continues to develop its shopping feature.

Facebook has also begun offering its Spark AR platform for Instagram for users to experience digitally the items they will buy. In addition to major cosmetics brands such as MAC and NARS, eyewear brands such as Ray-Ban and Warby Parker also offered the feature to users globally in regions where it has not yet made clear.

With Spark AR, Instagram will give you the AR shopping experience! - ShiftDelete.Net (1))
Users who can quickly access this feature from the brands ' official Instagram accounts will be able to experience different colors and how models stand on their faces with their cameras. This will improve the shopping experience and provide a great convenience to the user. Also, as soon as you try the product, you will be able to purchase via Instagram.

To check your access to the feature, you need to have received the latest updates on the iOS and Android side and have installed the latest update version of Instagram on your device. The feature, which is expected to be available on all devices shortly, also showed that Instagram is aiming to improve itself on the online shopping side.