Cheapest electric vehicles and highlights


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Cheapest electric vehicles and highlights
There has long been talk that the future is in electric cars. Interest in electric cars grew further after European Union member states announced they would ban the sale of fossil-fuel vehicles after 2030. So what are the cheapest electric cars sold in our country?

There are many things you should know about electric cars. Most important among these are the differences between hybrid cars and electric cars, where brands such as KIA, Hyundai and Toyota stand out. In hybrid cars, there are two separate engines, one electric and one fossil fuel-powered, and the actual power is produced by a fossil fuel engine. However, electric cars are often confused with hybrid cars due to the availability of electric motors.

Another important point is hydrogen electric cars. There's actually a lot of name controversy at this point. Electric cars from brands such as Tesla, BMW, Renault have batteries in them, and the rotor supplied by this battery converts electrical energy into motion energy, enabling the vehicle to move forward.
Differentiated Electrical Technology


Hydrogen fuel cell technology, such as fuel stations, renewed hydrogen, oxygen and chemical reaction with the conversion of the generated electrical energy to motion energy works. For the moment, the most widely known hydrogen-powered car in the world is the Hyundai Nexo.

Prices for electric cars are far more expensive than conventional cars and hybrid models powered by fossil fuel. The main reason for this is that batteries are very expensive. Worldwide, electric cars are sold at 50% higher prices than their counterparts, fossil fuel cars. However, due to the limited availability of fossil fuel in Turkey and mostly imported from abroad, electric cars can come at a more affordable price than fossil fuels when used for a long time. Of course, for electric vehicles to be reasonable, you have to travel more than 50 kilometers a day and use the vehicle continuously for close to 10 years. The electric car models sold in Turkey are Renault Zoe, SMART fortwo EQ and BMW i3.