Closer Look: 2019 Model Suzuki Vitara Review


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Closer Look: 2019 Model Suzuki Vitara Review
The 2019 model Suzuki Vitara is seen as the most important face of the brand in Turkey. The fact that car brands are announcing one SUV model after another, and the growing interest in SUV vehicles around the world in 2019, gives rise to many years of manufactured and proven options such as Vitara. The Suzuki Vitara can compete with its competitors in terms of features, such as the Toyota CH-R and Peugeot 2008. Especially its comfortable and spacious interior makes it one of the models that families can choose to close their eyes. The most important point that can be criticized about the vehicle is the lack of diesel engine option.
Exterior Design Of Suzuki Vitara


The Suzuki Vitara meets users with its front bumper, which is wide and looks relatively higher than its competitors. One of Vitara's biggest advantages, Suzuki's wide color palette, is felt in the exterior design. Eye-catching colours such as” Cosmic Black, “” Atlantic turquoise “and” Galaxy grey " help the car's design stand out. A large Suzuki logo is located right in the middle of the grille, which has large spaces and a double line. The waist line, called the character line of the car, runs from the front headlight group to the rear headlight group.
The rear headlight group integrated with the trunk lengthens laterally. Thus, both side and rear view of the vehicle gains depth. In addition, the vehicle has a more imposing appearance with the fenders coming out. In short, Vitara looks much more expansive and imposing with a variety of design applications. 3, located above Vitara's rear window. the taillight helps both the stylish look and the higher cars such as pick up easily understand that you are braking.

Interior Design Of Suzuki Vitara

Suzuki Vitara, as we mentioned earlier, has a very large cabinet. The details that will improve your travel comfort, such as the wide distance of both the shoulder and head and knees, have been applied quite successfully by Suzuki engineers. The Suzuki Vitara features a large panoramic glass ceiling, which is offered as an option. Thus the already spacious cabin becomes even more spacious. The information and entertainment display, which is almost twice the size of some of its competitors, such as the 10.1”, emphasizes the technological aspect of the vehicle. The Suzuki Vitara luggage volume, which is 375 litres, reaches 710 litres by depositing the rear seats.