Copyrighted material


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Copyrighted material

AdSense publishers may not display Google ads on web pages that contain content protected by copyright law unless they have the legal rights to view the relevant content. This includes sites that point to copyrighted material, host copyrighted files, or provide traffic-oriented links to sites with copyrighted material. For more information, see our DMCA policy.
emulate products

AdSense publishers may not show up on web pages selling or promoting alternatives that emulate Google ads. emulating products contain trademarks or logos that are identical to a trademark of another person and can be distinguished either from or extremely difficult to distinguish. These products emulate the brand characteristics of that product in order to appear as the original product attached to the trademark owner.
Webmaster Guidelines

AdSense publishers must follow the webmaster qualification guidelines.

Traffic sources

Google ads cannot be placed on pages that field traffic from certain sources. for example, publishers may not participate in pay-per-click programs, send unsolicited emails, or display ads as a result of the operation of any software application. in addition, publishers using online advertising must ensure that their pages comply with Google's Landing Page Quality Guidelines.

Advertising behavior

Publishers are allowed to change the AdSense ad code, provided it does not artificially improve ad performance or harm advertisers.

Ad placement

Publishers are advised to try out various placements and forms of advertising. only AdSense code cannot be placed in areas that are not available in pop-up, email, or software format. in addition, publishers must comply with the policies of each applicable product. For more extreme data, read our Help article titled ad placement policies.

Site behavior

Sites showing Google Ads should be capable of allowing purchasers to navigate smoothly. Sites may not change user preferences, redirect users to unwanted websites, initiate downloads, contain malicious software, or contain pop-ups or pop-ups that prevent navigation on the site.