Dietitian Recommendations Against Flu And Flu


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Dietitian Recommendations Against Flu And Flu
Nutrition and diet expert Seda Demetgül, cold, flu, cold winter days in which diseases such as the immune system to strengthen the advice was seen.

For each meal to strengthen immunity carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals should be consumed in an adequate way, Medical Park Ordu Hospital Nutrition and diet expert Seda Demetgül, antioxidant vitamin and mineral varieties should be taken, he said. Demetgül, " we should definitely include antioxidants in our daily diet.
When we look at the antioxidant vitamins A, C, E can say vitamins. Foods rich in antioxidant vitamins and minerals, orange, tangerine, grapefruit, lemon, strawberry, kiwi, parsley, Yesil, green pepper, cauliflower and broccoli, for example,” he said.

Attention to vitamin C consumption
Pişirme yöntemlerine dikkat etmeliyiz

Vitamin C comes to mind when called antioxidant vitamins, such as the patient will be immediately recommended to consume foods rich in vitamin C demetgül points out, “but it is necessary to do it right. Vegetables and fruits lose vitamin C when exposed to cutting, peeling, crushing, drying. Antioxidant activity is also reduced. In addition, the vitamin passes into the water while the foods are cooked in water. Well, what should we do? We can eat Whole Foods, especially the crustaceans, and divide Yesil vegetables with our hands rather than using cutting tools. This way we minimize the loss of vitamins,” he said.

"Place vinegar and tarhana at your table”
Demetgül made the following recommendations:

"Place vinegar and tarhana at your table”
"In addition, omega 3 fatty acids are effective on our immune system and are essential in our nutrition. Omega 3 fatty acids can be supplied with more fish consumption. Fish consumption is recommended twice a week.

We should pay attention to cooking methods and avoid abundant fatty methods such as frying. We should take care to use cooking methods such as baking, grilling and steaming. There's another group we can consume for our immunity, which is probiotics. Probiotics are bacteria that are beneficial to our gut health.

We must pay attention to cooking methods
These bacteria-containing foods, probiotic foods, protect our gut health, increase our immune level and have a healthier body in order to give a place in our daily diet is a group. The main foods containing natural probiotics are fermented products, such as yogurt, cheese, vinegar, tarhana.