Eat these foods to balance your blood sugar!


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Eat these foods to balance your blood sugar!
Dietitian Merve Sehlikoğlu, human metabolism needs all kinds of food for healthy eating, saying, “healthy eating starts with a healthy kitchen. If healthy ingredients enter your kitchen, it means healthy food comes out of the kitchen. Provided, of course, to be restrained when consuming,” he said. Sehlikoğlu explained what needs to be done for healthy eating.

Stating that it is necessary to pay attention to the rules of nutrition for the protection of Health, Sehlikoğlu said, “people are fed periodically in order to continue their lives. It is a form of behavior that endangers health, such as simply suppressing the feeling of hunger, snacking to feed the stomach, or eating unlimited whatever is required. Therefore, as a first rule, Eat 3 meals regularly, do not skip meals.

A balanced diet is essential for a healthy life. The nutrients we need are made up of protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. The most important point to note is to take all of them in the necessary quantities and in an orderly manner,” he said.

The rapid increase in diabetes worldwide turns attention to measures to be taken in the Prevention of the disease. In addition to the active life, balanced and regular diet has a very important role in the fight against diabetes. But some foods stand out in this fight. Here are the most important foods that protect us from diabetes that balance our blood sugar…

Kale: like broccoli, kale is a vegetable known for having a very low carbohydrate value. Everyone needs to consume this nutrient, which is a store of antioxidants.

It is not at all wrong to say that Broccoli is an existing vegetable for diabetics. Naturally fighting diabetes, this vegetable balances blood sugar and meets your daily need for vitamin C.