Facebook Libra move that surprised everyone from PayPal


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Facebook Libra move that surprised everyone from PayPal
Facebook Libra, which has not received the support it expects from the most authoritative names in the United States, is therefore unable to clarify its release date. Even though forecasts show 2020, News from the PayPal front may have delayed Libra's arrival in the cryptocurrency market!

Facebook Libra release date riddle continues Facebook Libra release date riddle continues
There is no good news from the Facebook Libra front, which is set out to breathe new life into the cryptocurrency world. Because Facebook Libra may not give what is expected about the release date.

PayPal has parted ways with the Facebook Libra payment system!
The Libra Association, set up for Facebook's global and digital currency, has lost its strongest backer on the issue of the payment system. In a statement about the process involved, PayPal said it would no longer be involved in the association and would focus on its core business.

PayPal will continue to support the cryptocurrency from outside the social media site, and wants to continue the mutual dialogue on behalf of working with Facebook under the umbrella of Libra in the future.

Facebook Libra payment system
In a response to the payment giant's decision, Libra officials said they were aware of the challenges that exist in restructuring the financial system. The association also issued a statement with the legal entity, said::

He said: “it will be difficult to make a change that will restructure the financial system we have in a way that suits people. Commitment to this mission is more important to us than anything else. We are better off now because we know this lack of commitment.”

What do you think the future of Facebook Libra will be like?