Flagship's new camera: OmniVision OV48C


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Flagship's new camera: OmniVision OV48C

Many recently released phones use the Sony IMX686 as their main camera sensor. Sony, which supplies sensors to dozens of phone makers from Apple to Samsung, has faced a new rival with the OmniVision OV47C.

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48 megapixel OmniVision OV48C: 2.4 Micron!
This sensor is 1/1.3” in size, which will appear on mid-to high-end phones and especially on flagship phones. By comparison: it's the same size as Samsung's 108 megapixel sensor.

Flagship's new camera: OmniVision OV48C - ShiftDelete.Net
Although the sensor is considerably larger than its competitors, the resolution remains at 48 megapixels, giving it a Pixel magnitude of 1.2 µm. This allows for much better performance, especially under low light.

With a 4-cell color filter, Quad Bayer, the sensor is able to capture 48 megapixel images. Of course, the Pixel merge reaches 2.4 µm, which means high-sharpness photos at a resolution of 12 megapixels.

The OmniVision OV48C, which supports 8K and 4K / 60 FPS video capture, is capable of up to 240 fps in 1080p resolution and 360 FPS in 720p resolution. So with this sensor, it is possible to take very successful pictures in low light and to push the limits of slow motion.

Questions about when phones featuring this camera sensor will be released have been left unanswered.