Inbox and IFTTT will not be available after Google Plus


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Inbox and IFTTT will not be available after Google Plus
Bad news for Google Gmail users: after Google Plus, Inbox and IFTTT will also be unavailable.

With April March 2019 , Google is entering an interesting period as it prepares to discontinue its many services at the end of March.

Earlier this week, Google reported that it would shut down its Inbox app, a production-focused app of Gmail. Thursday's March was announced by IFTTT (if this then that) to its users that many features associated with Gmail will be removed by the end of March 2019.

For those who don't know, IFTTT is a small app where people can use simple web commands. When it comes time for people to set the timing of some commands in advance, they say, " I'm running late!"a system that gives a warning and allows the operation to be done by pressing a button.

This feature, which is also used for ‘sent’ or ‘sent to ourselves’ emails in Gmail, will not be available from March 31.

April March 2019 and the beginning of April 2019 will be a volatile period for Google apps and services.
As mentioned above, Inbox will close on April 2, 2019, and email users here will be transferred to Gmail. The date on the same date will also be the last day for Google+.