Instagram's new app Threads announced


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Instagram's new app Threads announced
Facebook had bought the Instagram Company in 2012, anticipating it would lose popularity. The company, which gained its former popularity with its Instagram app, was in an even better position in 2014 by also buying the WhatsApp company. Facebook, which developed some of its features inspired by the Snapchat app, plans to develop a similar app this time around. The Instagram Threads app is coming.

Facebook charged with unfair competition Facebook charged with unfair competition Facebook charged with unfair competition
Facebook has been accused of unfair competition. The firm, famous for copying features in popular apps and for data scandals, is in trouble with Snapchat this time.

Instagram Threads app will rival SnapChat
For years, Facebook and Snap companies have been competing. Recently, the snap firm had resorted to legal remedies related to unfair competition. In particular, Facebook's use of the stories feature in all its applications, messaging features in a similar way to SnapChat, the two companies had caused a growing problem. Now, the company has started to work with Threads, which aims to rival the Snapchat app directly.

The Instagram Threads app, whose many features are inspired by the SnapChat app, will encourage users to direct messaging. In addition, it is planned to share more deleted photos and videos within a certain period of time. Unique features of threads that emerged as Instagram's side app will also be found. In order to communicate, you need to use a feature called close friends. Just add the person you want to chat with to your close friends list. In this way, Facebook will be able to comprehend the order of importance between people.

Facebook announces new app, threads
For now they are not considering making money from the practice, officials said, which could change in the future. Threads, like SnapChat, will provide direct camera access when the app opens. The filter will be an easy-to-use application, the company said, noting that features such as labels can be made with a few touches to the screen. You will also be able to assign photos to multiple people at the same time by identifying the people you want on the photo shutter. The company continues to intensify its competitive environment to gain more users, stating that those who start using the app will not be forced to use it because it has a SnapChat-like interface.

The app will also allow you to add short descriptions to the location share. The company that uses this feature by tracking your GPS location, similar to the Google Maps app, will not fully share your location. Explaining that older people use the SnapChat app, PEW noted that 73% of people aged 18-24 in America use SnapChat. With the new application, the company plans to increase the number of users and usage rate is curious about the future moves.