The great danger that awaits the world is myopic


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The great danger that awaits the world is myopic
Myopia, which means you can't see far in children and adults due to phone and tablet use, is spreading rapidly. Half the world's population will be myopic by 2050, according to experts

Recently, children and even adults are among the most common eye diseases, such as myopic (far Vision disease) epidemic. Scientists predict that by 2050, half the world will be myopic. Because kids don't go outside looking at tablets and computers. Ophthalmologists attribute the most important reason for the increase in childhood myopic cases to the fact that children are in too many closed environments and look at the computer too much.

“For eye health, be sure to go out in the sun and be in open environments that require looking away from 6 metres,” the experts call. Here, eye specialists gave important information about myopic disease, which threatens not to see the world far away.

Yeditepe University Faculty Of Medicine Department Of Ophthalmology Professor Dr. Şule Ziylan, myopia spread rapidly all over the world, stating, “This is the same in our country. This is because children spend a lot of time on phones, tablets and computers that they look at closely. Kids used to play in the street, in the park. Now they spend a lot of time in closed, dim environments. This is shown as a major factor in increasing myopia. For example, because myopia is increasing in the Far East, children living here are given treatment options every day for ‘2 hours a day under the sun to play in the street, pakta’. Playing outside allows the child to look at distant goals. For us, the boys have to play in outdoor environments that require looking away from 6 metres. That means being in the park, on the street, on the sports fields. Parents shouldn't give their children tablets, phones, computers for more than 20 minutes. Absolutely no mobile phones should be given to the hands of babies,” he said.

Medipol Mega University Hospital Children's Eye Health and diseases Dr. Professor Sevil Karaman also stated that myopia is a major problem in the world: it is estimated that half of the world will be myopic in 2050. The disease, which used to increase until the age of 18-20, then paused.

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But now the risk continues until the age of 35. Serious problem, especially in Asian countries. There is also the West but more in Asia. What can be done? What causes myopia? he made researches. And it has been seen that staying indoors or indoors for a long time increases the risk of myopia. Surely the sun is 2 hours outside time needs to be passed. Children who spend time outside in the sun have less risk of myopia. And second, it's the tablets, the computers. If the child holds the tablet closer to 30 centimetres and reads it, it is a problem.

What To Know About Myopia
Myopic is the problem of being unable to see far away, which occurs as a result of the light breaking in the lens falling on the yellow spot.
Myopia, an eye defect such as astigmatism and hypermetropia, restricts vision at a distance while providing clear vision at close range. The reflected light falls in front of the center of vision, causing distant objects to appear blurred. In myopia, the anterior and posterior diameter of the eyeball is too long to reduce the curvature of the lens beyond certain limits.

Myopia, where genetic factors are effective, continues to progress during the child's growing age. In myopia, which becomes stagnant with the completion of the child's growth, glasses and lens treatment are applied.