The Visual Showing How Deep The Oceans Actually Are


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The Visual Showing How Deep The Oceans Actually Are
The oceans contain much more than they seem. In fact, a picture has been created showing that the oceans are much deeper than they appear.
People sometimes forget that the oceans contain so much more than the water you see just below the surface. The depths below the ocean surface contain a staggering 95 percent of Earth's habitat, much of which is not explored by humans.
To see how deep the oceans go created the following picture:

As you can see, most parts of the ocean don't even see the sunlight. Even scientists aren't familiar with everything that's out there: in fact, reaching the depths of the ocean is very expensive. They are rarely visited by some people-such as Oscar - winning director James Cameron. People are just beginning to explore underwater areas.
What was James Cameron going through?

Cameron visited the Mariana trough, the deepest place on earth 11km below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, in 2012 on a small submarine. He was only the second person to visit that part of the ocean. He did not see any sea monsters, but described the experience as ‘out of this world’.

The first to land in the Mariana Trench was on January 23, 1960, when American Lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard, who died in 2008, landed with batiskaf. The team had only been on the bottom for 20 minutes. Nobody tried to get here after that.
You can see James Cameron's experience diving into the Mariana Trench in this video:

He spent more than four hours exploring the ocean floor before making it to the surface. The submarine was equipped with cameras. So he was able to film The Deep Ocean in 3D. “It was definitely one of the most remote places on the planet, " Cameron told BBC News. I really feel like I'm on another planet in one day and I'm back.” quoth.

Cameron has spent the past few years secretly working with a team of Engineers to design and build his 7-metre-long mini-submarine, which weighs 11 tonnes.