TikTok is on the agenda with its new advertising decision


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TikTok is on the agenda with its new advertising decision
Advertising policies can become a safe haven for many applications as well as lead to swimming in dangerous waters. At this point, TikTok went through a major change in its advertising policy, which millions of people around the world love.

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ByteDance, one of the world's most valuable companies, announced its revenue in the first half of the year. The company that owns TikTok generated much better-than-expected revenue in the first half.

TikTok changes its advertising policy
TikTok is trying to become independent from the international tensions. The practice, which is based in China, does not want to be affected by the country's strained relationship with the United States. China's policies, which have problems not only with the United States but also with Hong Kong and several countries, are causing Beijing-based implementation to take its steps in a planned way. In this context, TikTok decided to take a political advertising step.

As you know, politics is an area that has a wide range of advertising in every country, especially during election times. At this point, TikTok went to a policy change on political ads. With a new shared announcement, no political ads will be allowed from this on the platform.

TikTok advertising policy
This is because the TikTok political advertising situation has become an area that does not fit the intended experience. ”Any paid advertising in the community must comply with the standards and content of the platform, " TikTok said in a statement. Paid political ads have to be competitive and biased by nature. But this is not something we believe is appropriate for TikTok.”

Political ads affect the experience the platform offers to people, TikTok executives say, and believe that such ads should not be included in the platform, as they bring about concepts such as taking sides, political groups and party affiliation. TikTok adds that those who want to have a fun and enjoyable experience prefer this platform and underlines that they try to increase this experience every day and eliminate the situations that disrupt it.