Tim Cook hasn't broken the Steve Jobs tradition


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Tim Cook hasn't broken the Steve Jobs tradition
Steve Jobs, who was integrated with Apple and left us 8 years ago, is a name that millions of people have never spoken of. Today, most critics of Apple say that the company has lost its innovative spirit in the wake of Steve Jobs.

Apple founder Steve Jobs may be alive!Apple founder Steve Jobs may be alive!
An interesting claim about Apple founder Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, is being debated. According to the resulting photo, Steve Jobs may be living in Syria. Is Steve Jobs alive?

Tim Cook, 8. he didn't forget Steve Jobs in his year
It's been 8 years since Apple co-founder Jobs died. Apple CEO Tim Cook has not neglected to commemorate jobs with his share of his social media accounts this year, as he has every year.

Tim Cook shared jobs ' “the most valuable resource we have is time,” in his share on Twitter, adding that we will always remember you.

Tim Cook

“The most precious resource we all have is time."- SJ. Remembering you always.

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The tweet, which was also shared, features a photo of jobs taken in front of the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. The store, which opened in 2016, has been visited by more than 57 million people to date.

Who is Steve Jobs?
Born February October 24, 1955, and died October 5, 2011, Jobs was a member of Apple Computer, Inc.’s co-founder. Until 5 weeks before his death, under his new name, Apple Inc. de served as CEO.

He is considered one of the leaders of the computer industry. He also founded and chaired NeXT Computer and Pixar Animation Studios.