Windows 10 to make Turkish and change language


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Windows 10 to make Turkish and change language
Microsoft's favorite Windows 10 is available in English or in different languages automatically to some devices in Turkey. When you experience such a problem, you can read this article about how to change the Windows 10 language on your computer and the language packs.

This article describes how I made a friend's Lenovo B50 – 50 series laptop in Turkish. And I hope it helps you.

All newly purchased computers now come with Windows 10 installed. English English is sometimes pre-installed, and Windows 10 is installed according to different version features, or it can sometimes appear in automatic English after the update.
How to make my Windows 10 operating system in Turkish?
If you want to see the entire menu and screen in Turkish, do not bother with any updates or package upgrades. Turkish Turkish language pack in the Windows 10 Settings section, select and download the Windows 10 will come to you in Turkish. When you experience such a problem with the Windows operating system, you can resolve the language issue of Windows 10 and the Lenovo B50 – 50 series laptop. To do this, simply follow the steps below.

Related steps:
1st. Click the Windows logo at the bottom left, tap the Gear icon, settings “Settings”.

2nd ed. Click On “Time & Language” as shown in the picture above.
3. click region and language as you can see in the picture below. "Region & Language“

4. Turkish Turkish to change or add the Windows display language, click Add language and select Turkish from the languages in the picture below and press the “Add Language” button. Then select Turkish from the drop-down list and click OK.